dinsdag 31 augustus 2010

Special picture

For graphic design we had to choose a special picture here is my picture. I wonder what we have to do with it.

First day of CreaTe

I'm Esther and I'm writing this blog for the subject we create identity. Yesterday we had to tell in 20 seconds what our dreams are and who we are. So as I told you already I'm Esther and I'm 17 years old, some words were exchanged when I said that, but I will be 18 shortly. I live in a place near Zwolle and I'm still searching for a room in Enschede so that I don't have to travel by train each day. My dreams are to make something that people will use whether it is an application, a game or a device and I want to see a lot more places in the world. I could fill my 20 seconds, but a lot of other people had 5 seconds left so those became the 'deadly' 5 seconds which where, most of the time, filled with thinking what to say. So this was my first day of colleges and I hope I will enjoy my time at the university and finish this study.