dinsdag 14 september 2010

Long time no see

It was a while since my last post so a lot happened in those 2 weeks. Let's start with the photo we had to show the photo and sit. Other people had to tell what they thought about the photo. For me the photo was a nice vacation photo, but some people though it was about 2 people sitting on the edge of civilasation, because you could only see sand but there were footprints in the sand so there must have been other people who passed there. Someone else thought it was a big cliche a bit like the begining or ending of a movie and they found it strange that the people were wearing sweaters. I found it very interesting hearing what other people thought about that picture, because I wouldn't have thought of it myself and it made me understand that you will not always be around to explain the message you want to tell with something so you have to look at things in a different way to make sure everybody will get the point.
Also this studie is becoming more fun. All the introduction talks are over now and we are starting to do somethings and I finally got photoshop XD (and I already worked with it, good thing there are people around who already have some expirience with photoshop) like editing the typeface that was fun to do and now we have to edit a photo, but I'm still looking for a photo and that will probably take more time then the assigment itself.

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