donderdag 30 september 2010


Nowadays there is a lot of media and maybe even an overflow of media. With our interactive video we want to make people aware of this and we want to make them aware of the fact that sometimes peo9ple are so focus on their phone or other device that they hardly pay attention to their surrounding anymore.

During our first brainstorm session we came up with the idea that the user would see a hand holding a phone and the user would have to go to all kinds of different social networks. After about 15 minutes of brainstorming I noticed that nobody was taking notes of our brainstorm session so I quickly took my notebook out and started making notes of what was being said. So after our first brainstorm session we had our basic idea and the message we wanted to tell.

During our second session we agreed that we had to add some other things than Facebook and twitter to make it more appealing and to keep the users attention so what came first to our mind was funny video’s and funny photo’s. We decided to fit these in and started to make a storyboard. Our first idea was to make a central page where you would return always and if you went somewhere the link would be another colour.

We hadn’t come much further so on a Monday afternoon we worked on our project for about an hour. We agreed that our first storyboard would be difficult and we wouldn’t have a real story line so we decided to do it in another way. We made like two story lines and you can switch between the 2 of them with each choice and we also made an escape button that will be visible during the whole video. Then on the Tuesday when we had our idea done we made an fake facebook and twitter account and started making screen captures of the Facebook and twitter reactions and the youtube video’s.

Then last Tuesday I was trying to make a logo for our group here are the first 3 tries, but I still have to improve it.

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