dinsdag 28 september 2010


So we first had to decide on a theme and make groups. At first I thought let's do scenario and do something like what to do with a terrorist attack, if you made the right choice you would survive and the wrong choices could kill you or what to do if aliens landed on earth, but when I later heard another group had this idea already I didn't find it that original anymore. So I looked a bit further and came across some people who wanted to do something with media overflow and I joined that group. As all people did we introduced ourselves as a group and not individually, what I noticed was that we all had some programming experience so that wouldn't be a problem.
The Monday after that we had to make a story using the 12 step program. Our story was about a man, Bob, who couldn't live without his electronics and then one day he crashes on an island and he is the only survivor, but there is a naval tribe on the island. At first he doesn't want anything to do with them he tries to get his electronics to work so that he will be rescued and can go back, but it doesn't work. Then he finds a diary of another man that was trapped here and who didn't contact the naval either, but that man was very lonely. After reading this Bob decides that he doesn't want to end up like that man and he approaches some naval after a while he gets accepted by most naval, but there are still a few who don't like him and when the naval find out that he still tries to use technology to get in contact, he still clings to this, he is seen as a devil and to prove himself again he has to undergo the trail and all his electronics are taken away. After he builds his own village on the place the plane crashed and lived there happily with his wife and children he gets in touch with the outside world again. After thinking it over he decides to keep living on the island but he also tries to convince the outside world that their live is controlled by media.
CREATE meets....
I found it very interesting what those people had to say and what they were doing it gave me an idea about what you can do after 3 years of CreaTe and that observing people is very important if you make something. Also the phrase 'game designers might be the architects of the future world'. My idea about this is that it can be true. I think a game designer needs a lot of fantasy and creativity to make a game new and appealing and to make it work, you can let people believe in the world you made. I think that with those skills you can change reality.
And then last Monday we had to present our group idea which you can read about in the post Tuesday’s. We already had made some screen captures so we could already show some things, but we still have to make the trailer.

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